Friday, July 3, 2009

Changes at TCHP Blog

Hello regular, new and future readers of The Coathanger Project Blog. I’m Lisa. I’ll be here pitching in with blogs, updates on the state of the Reproductive Justice/Pro-choice movement, stories that are related to abortion legislation, feminism, women’s issues and a lot that is pertinent to thinking, caring, and passionate people like you. I’m also hoping to have guest contributors, fiction, poetry, short films – anything to make visiting us here at TCHP Blog interesting, elevating, motivating and inspiring so that you can in turn spread that information, energy and action to the culture around you. So really not much will change, just more hands in the kitchen! Feel free to contact us here if you’ve got anything to say—or if you want to contribute or for whatever! Don't worry, Angie's still with us and will contribute-- she's working on spreading the awesome-ness that is TCHP film (if you want her or the film to happen at your space, please don't hesitate to let us know!) and is working on something new!

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