Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Coat Hanger Project featured in The Burning Times' Prochoice Carnival!

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This is what was written up about my project:

The Coat Hanger Project is a documentary film currently being made and due for release in 2009. It is being directed by Angie Young, a committed pro-choice activist.

The focus of the film is the abortion provision in the United States, and the pro-choice campaign fighting to keep women’s access to abortion safe, legal, and harrassment free. The film also aims to provide a strong critique of the tactics of anti-abortion campaigners, who try to restrict and even ban women’s access to abortion. The website for the film says of these anti-choice campaigners,

“They channeled your discomfort with the reality of life and death to convince you that the brave, courageous individuals who do the work of providing abortions are immoral and deserving of jail time and hatred for helping women. They changed the way we spoke about abortion by inventing loaded, inaccurate terms like “partial birth abortion” and “fetal pain” and “post abortion syndrome” - none of which are concepts that previously existed outside of antichoice vernacular - but nevertheless have stupefied and scared even the most radical of us.”

In 2006, the state of South Dakota very narrowly avoided having a total ban on abortion imposed on its women, including in rape and incest cases. The concerted actions of pro-choice campaigners were instrumental in preventing the ban from going ahead. This shows that a woman’s right to abortion can never be taken for granted.

“Denying women access to abortion forces them to either carry a fetus to term that they do not want, or take their chances ending the pregnancy themselves or with the help of an underground provider who may or may not know what they are doing. It is beyond injustice, beyond horriflying, to put this burden on women. The Coat Hanger Project aims to provide a radical, fierce, unflinchingly prochoice perspective and show the world that we can stand strong as advocates for women’s reproductive freedom.”

The films website has a wealth of information about the film, and the beliefs behind the making of it. There are also video clips you can watch of counter-protests (a reaction to anti-abortion protests) outside Planned Parenthood clinics, and some tips on starting your own pro-choice counter-protest. The site also tells you how you can help and get involved.

The film is a tremendously exciting and valuable project, and I hope you will check out the website to find out more about it. Among other things, the film “features interviews with Vicki Saporta (President and CEO of the National Abortion Federation), Heather Booth (founding member of Jane, the underground feminist abortion service, 1969-73), Dr. Bonnie Morris (Author and Dean of Women’s Studies, Georgetown University), as well as artists, activists, and other notable voices on the movement.”

The Coat Hanger Project also has a blog, featuring abortion information and resources, and pro-choice related news and current events.

If you are on Myspace, you should add The Coat Hanger Project to your friends and help to spread the word about this important and exciting project. Have a look at the website, the blog, or the Myspace page to find out more about it!

Keep abortion safe, legal and accessible. No apologies. No exceptions.

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