Monday, August 20, 2007

Welcome to my blog


Thank you for stopping by the official blog for "The Coat Hanger Project," the documentary film about abortion and the current state of the prochoice movement, to be released in 2009. This blog contains facts, resources and news posts about abortion, as well as updates about my process making this (my first) documentary.

My name is Angie Young, and I am the filmmaker. I am a also an out feminist and human rights activist. I am especially passionate about women's reproductive and rights, and hope to use this blog as a tool to reach out the world and help re-educate humanity about the necessity of safe, accessible abortion care for all women.

While I welcome intelligent conversation, please note that, as I mentioned above, this is an unapologetically pro-choice blog. Any and all hateful anti-choice commentary will not be tolerated.

Thanks again, and please stay tuned for updates about the film, upcoming interviews, and other information.


Angie Young
The Coat Hanger Project

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